Product Label Printing

Product labels can be used for just about any product. You neednít be a big production unit for getting your labels printed. We at Whizz Prints cater to requirements of all quantity, shapes and sizes. These can be used for cosmetics, food items, candles, gift items, stationery items etc.

Invariably, you would notice that majority of the times labels play a crucial role in purchase of the products. Eye catching good looking informative labels can even kick start a new product campaign successfully. Major MNCs spend a lot of time and bandwidth in finalizing on the design.

Materials used for printing labels

  • Chromo art paper
  • Matt sticker paper
  • Glossy sticker paper
  • Mirror coated paper
  • Kraft brown recycle paper
  • Color papers
  • Fluorescent papers
  • Gold & Silver Foiling
  • Vinyl also known as PVC
  • Clear polyester sticker Ė transparent

Selection of the material on which you should print your labels will depend upon packaging surface and environment. You have to check if the packaging surface is plastic, glass or it is paper material. Also if the product is to be used for indoor or outdoor, for outdoor products, good quality vinyl with UV coating and lamination film is suggested for longevity.

If you are looking for labels for dishwasher, washing machines, car decals, window decals, refrigerator etc then you should go with water resistant labels which should be laminated. Both type of vinyl and clear vinyl are both waterproof and can be removed. We suggest to with clear vinyl for lighter color surface or glass items and white vinyl for darker color surfaces.

Type of labels

  • Self Adhesive Stickers
  • Bar code Labels
  • Hologram
  • Foil Labels
  • Security Labels
  • Temper Evident Film
  • Serial Number Labels
  • Medical Lab Test Labels
  • Courier Labels
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Poster
  • Calendar stickers

Sticker shapes and sizes

Most common sticker shapes are square, rectangular, oval, heart, star etc. You can design your sticker in any customized size which best suits your product. Size of the label can be directly measured by you from the product where it will be applied. It is advisable to measure the size by inch tape instead of scale for bottle products.

Sheet vs Roll format labels

For small quantities, labels are normally printed and delivered in the sheet format. If you requirement is for bulk quantity then we can offer you roll format labels. Ease of removability is same for both sheet and roll based, the only difference been that roll labels are easy to carry and store.

Designing tips

  • As labels play an important role in sale, never try to design it yourself if you arenít a professional.
  • You neednít struck with the old age design, to make it interactive you can add social tools, contest, complaint or feedback forums etc to get in close connect with customers.
  • Avoid using lots of fonts in the design, struck to maximum 2-3 fonts in the complete design.
  • In case you donít have brand guidelines, ask your designer to stick with colors in logo or complimentary colors.
  • You can think of creating distinguishable shapes for labels to make your brand stand out.
  • Make your labels a learning notebook of product, you can add how to use, tips, caution and other important things.
  • Consider different labels for lid, sides and cover, make product well packaged.
  • Avoid thin light color on dark background and dark color on dark background.
  • As the monitor or tablets which you are using to verify design made is back lit with light at back, you have to keep a note that your design wonít print as dark as you see on screen.
  • All important text and matter should be well within the cut lines of the design.
  • Donít make the design too much in text or content else it may look clumsy.

Cost and how to place order

Cost of these labels will depend upon shape, size, material, quantity, design, number of pages etc. Labels can cost as less as Rs 2/- per label for higher quantity.

We are available from Mon-Sat 10am-7pm.

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