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Post cards are not just for Diwali & Happy new year greetings, they can be widely used by companies to advertise about them. We can also use post card to reach out to old customers who havenít returned back to us from some time. Marketers also prefer using them for gift coupon card, discount card, scratch cards which all falls in the category of the post cards because of their size. In USA, where catalog sale constitutes as much as 15-25% of the total sale, power of post cards is hardly ignored by major brands. To agree in India, post cards havenít still taken off to where they could have but still scope is enormous. With exponential growth in E-Commerce business and rising entrepreneurs, post card printing is here to grow.

Sizes available

They can be custom made to any size. Commonly used post card sizes are:-

  • 4x6 inches
  • 5x7 inches
  • A5 Size
  • 6x9 inches
  • 6x11 inches

As paper is available in ream size of fixed cut size like 25x36 inches, 30x40 inches, etc, from cost perspective it is advisable to go with the custom sizes. Irregular & custom size can result into paper wastage in cutting thereby increasing the cost. Also there will be added problem of making customized envelopes for fitting these post cards, for which separate size & shape die and punch is required.

Flat vs Folded post cards

To make post card look stylish and short to generate reading interest, you can go with folded post cards. In last 3-4 years, we have seen a y-o-y growth of more than 35% in orders of folded post cards, tri fold brochures etc. Though technically there is no restriction on number of folds but preferably it is either two-fold also known as bi fold or tri fold post cards.

Bi-fold post card standard sizes are:-

  • 8.5x6 inches (closed size 4.25x6 inches)
  • 9x6 inches (closed size 4.5x6 inches)
  • 12x6 inches (closed size 4.5x6 inches)
  • 12x9 inches (closed size 6x9 inches)

Tri-fold post card standard sizes are:-

  • 12x6 inches (closed size 4x6 inches)
  • 18x9 inches (closed size 6x9 inches)
  • 18x6 inches (closed size 6x6 inches)
  • 12x9 inches (closed size 4x9 inches)

Folded cards give more flexibility as far as presentation of content is considered. We unlike other printers do not hand fold the post cards. All folded post cards are creased for perfect seamless folding without folding marks.

Rectangular, Square and irregular shape

Apart from the normal post card sizes mentioned above, you can go with any other sizes as well. Square shape post card be in 4x4,6x6 inches size. You can also go with custom shapes and sizes, we offer both die and laser cut post card with matching theme envelopes of desired sizes.

Paper stock

Post cards are normally printed on thick stock card paper. Below listed paper are normally used for printing:-

  • 250 gsm art card
  • 300 gsm art card
  • 350 gsm art card
  • Kentex art card
  • Ivory art card
  • Metallic card Ė gold, silver, white etc
  • Texture card
  • Recycle card paper

Matching envelope

We can print matching theme or color design envelope as per the design of the post card. You also have option of using readily available envelope from open market as well. Typically white, brown color envelopes of post card size are easily available.

Lamination and UV coating

Lamination both gloss and matt along with UV Coating is available for quantity in excess of 500 post cards.

Delivering post cards

You can get your printed post cards delivered from any reputed courier companies like Blue Dart, Fedex, DTDC etc. Currently, we donít offer any delivery services.

Price and how to place order

Post cards prices will depend upon number of factors like paper stock, printing Ė single or both sides, lamination, UV etc. For bulk printing 4x6 inches post card on 300 gsm art card rates can go to as low as Rs 3/- to Rs 4/- per post card.

To know exact rates and to place order contact us.

We are available from Mon-Sat 10am-7pm.

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