Dangler Printing

These can be seen nowadays almost everywhere in shops, malls, coffee outlets, airport, lounges etc. Danglers come in different shapes and sizes. You can put your creativity to display by making them eye catching.

These are mainly used as brand enabler and TOM recall and seldom used to pass marketing messages. There is clear distinction between dangler and flyer. Flyer is more content driven where we want our customers to read about your company or its specific product and services.

On the other hand danglers are used for buzz factor may it be special offer, discount, new launches, awards etc.

Shapes available

Danglers can be printed in almost any shapes. Die/Laser cutting is offered which ensure precision cutting. Common shapes used are triangular, square, rectangular, circle, oval. You can consider single side or both sides printing. We recommend going with the same design printed on the both sides.

This will make it more likely for everyone to have a glimpse. Many eye catching innovative design shapes can also be considered like your company logo, product cut shape like shampoo bottle shape, tv shape, mobile shape, car, bike etc which will look more appealing. As per Mr. Sahil Sinha, who head a major MNC marketing function, based out of Chennai observe that majority of dangler he come across try to outdoor the other in term of shapes, presentation or appeal.

Type of printing

We at Whizz Prints, print using both digital printing for shorter run and offset printing for bulk quantity. We offer full multi color printing for danglers.
Lamination - gloss, matt, aqueous coating is available. For bulk quantity we can do UV Varnish as well. Embossing though seldom selected but is possible.

Enhancing your danglers

You can enhance the look of these danglers by going with gloss or matt lamination. UV Varnish, velvet finish can also be used for making it look elegant.

Designing a perfect dangler

As dangler more often than not comes in customized shape and should have precise design we recommend to go with professional designing service. Before hiring a designing team, it is important to set clear achievable objectives of the whole exercise.

You should also consider the location, ambience, target audience profile etc. Any designing software like corel draw, photoshop, illustrator etc can be used, images used in the design should be in 300 DPI or more. We at Whizz Prints, also offer professional designing service to know more, feel free to contact us.

Trial run

You can order for a trial run of 100 danglers initially to test pilot the project, once everything falls in place you can order for higher quantity.

Cost and How to place order

Cost of danglers will depend upon multiple parameters like size, shape, paper type which comes from 170 gsm 350 gsm art paper, type of paper imported, recycle, metallic etc, single side or both side printing, quantity, fabrication work etc.

Cost can be as low as Rs 10/- per dangler for simple dangler with bulk quantity ordering. To know the exact rates of danglers and to place order, kindly email us or call us at 86-00000-525.

We are available from Mon-Sat 10am-7pm.

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